Dec 28

Jewels Complete an Outfit

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Jewelry. An added sparkle that completes the outfit. The best thing you can have is a collection of pieces that can be paired up with any outfit. Whether that is a rope bracelet for those beach days or a crystal necklace for a night out on the town. Either way, that added accessory pulls the entire outfit together. I find if I am having a slumpy day but I still have to look good, I usually add chunky pearls-and poof-I automatically look like I spent hours putting together a cohesive look. I suggest costume jewelry because it has high-perceived-value. I find that Forever 21 has some of the best priced jewelry and a wide selection. If you are looking for classic pieces that will last a little longer I suggest J. Crew.




The Key Items that you should have in your collection:

People always think that you should not mix gold and silver. Well, guess what, you can now. All those rules are out of the window. What I like to do is have find pieces that have gold and silver mixed so that way you can wear anything.

When it comes to Jewelry: Just Have Fun



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