Mar 27

Orange County Wedding DJ Hits All The High Notes

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Wedding planning alert!! ¬†All that time spent thinking about the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit might mean you haven’t booked a DJ yet? With the cake, the flowers, the venue, the catering, the rings and the invitations it’s easy to forget the music. Having a live band at a wedding appeals to some people, although those people who want to make sure they cover all bases when it comes to entertaining the guests opt for a DJ.

Unless you have the time (unlikely if you’re planning a wedding) to go and check out potential DJs at other events it’s more than likely you’ll have to rely on word of mouth and personal recommendations if you want a top notch DJ. People fortunate enough to live in Orange County, CA. have no such issues because they can book Scott Tucker from Invisible Touch Events. The wedding planning magazine and website ‘The Knot’ included Tucker in their ‘Best of Weddings for 2007-12′ guide.

Their guide consists solely of client reviews and recommendations, so if you’re planning a wedding in Orange County the task of picking a DJ has just got a whole lot easier.

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